Sunday, August 10, 2008

Russell Towle, Man Extraordinaire

"Towle is to local Western Sierra Nevada foothills geology, history, botany, and literary musings what Thoreau was to Walden Pond, Twain to the Mississippi, Muir to Yosemite, and Leopold to Sand County."

This was written following a trip to the waterfalls at Big Granite Creek. You can read it at and go to June 26, 2006. Of course, Russell also talked and wrote extensively about this amazing adventure.

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Gambolin' Man said...


I am and remain deeply touched and affected by Russell's untimely death. My heart goes out to you and all family members. I will miss him, but he lives on in my heart and memories. I am honored to have my words posted on your memorial page, although I never ever thought they would one day serve as an epitaph of sorts. But it's befitting and rings eternally true. May everyone read those words and rejoice and always remember his polymath accomplishments, humor, joie de vivre and unparalleled love of Mother Earth, especially North Fork country, where I know I'll always be in touch with his spirit.

Tom McGuire
(Gambolin' Man)