Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Pinnacles

Russell began his "Leading of Adventures" with me at least since we were in Palo Alto (1956). Our family went to the Pinnacles (down on highway 152) often enough over the years that I considered it to be one of my favorite places for exploring as a girl. There was a trail through the volcanic rocks that was lit with light bulbs hanging from a single wire looped along the ceiling of sometimes vast caverns and other times small passageways. It didn't take long for Russell and I to leave the lit path and go adventuring into tight places with no noticeable path or exit. He found a creek flowing underground that we walked, splashed, and crawled up (yes, very wet) and then went through gaps between rocks to find our way to the surface (eventually). It was something I looked forward to when we would return -- finding that little creek off the beaten path inside this massive, dark "pile" of rocks. There were times we had no idea how we would find our way out. To me it was like something out of Tom Sawyer -- and I half-expected that we might get lost in there and people would come with lanterns - calling our names - to rescue us! Amazingly, I can't recall ever being scolded for wet and/or muddy shoes, socks, and clothes. Thank goodness for a mom who wasn't worried about dirt or stains (thanks, Mom!). Anyway, other than Round Top in Los Altos Hills, the Pinnacles carry special adventuring memories for me. I was a very lucky little sister.

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